10 Best FREE Travel Apps

travel apps

When traveling, your cell phone is the best resource for thousands upon thousands of apps that will enhance your travel experience. Depending on the type of help you need, these apps work great for staying productive, finding the best hotel and Raleigh limo service, working on important presentations, sharing files, images, and videos, and so on. The right travel apps will make traveling easier and more enjoyable.


Top FREE Apps


  1. TripIt—Using this app, you can create a custom itinerary for many aspects of your trip, including hotel accommodations, restaurants, and limo service in Raleigh, NC.


  1. Weather+Free—With the latest weather updates, this app helps you determine the right clothing to pack, as well as determining if you need to contact the Raleigh limo service about a potential delay in your arrival.


  1. Postagram—As a modern-day postmaster, this free app brings the tradition of mail into the digital age. You can send messages as well as images to people, who receive it in the form of a postcard.


  1. Goby—This app is helpful when traveling to unfamiliar places. Although your chauffeur from the limo service in Raleigh, NC can answer questions, when you’re traveling to a foreign country, Goby provides information on restaurants, local attractions, museums, and so on.


  1. Free Wi-Fi Finder—Staying connected to the Internet while traveling is critical. With this app, you have the ability to find free wireless connections in urban areas.


  1. Google Translate—When you’re traveling to a foreign country, this app becomes your best friend for translating single words or an entire paragraph into the required language.


  1. OANDA Currency Converter—Another great app when you’re traveling overseas is OANDA, which takes the hassle and confusion out of trying to convert currency.


  1. Hotel Tonight—With this app, you will have no problem finding a last-minute hotel room, without paying an exorbitant rate.


  1. GateGuru—This personal airport assistant provides you with a detailed map of the airport terminal, making it easy to find places to eat, restrooms, gift shops, and chapels, among other places.


  1. Hopper—For great deals on flights, this app predicts the best time to purchase tickets by analyzing billions of airfares on a daily basis. It then chooses flights based on price drops below historic average.


Relying on Raleigh Limo Service


There are many apps for researching prices and fleet of a reputable limo service in Raleigh, NC. After booking, you reap the benefits of having a Raleigh limo service pick you up at the airport and deliver you safety to the hotel.