3 Ways to cut business expenses

Being environmentally responsible is often thought of as something you do at home. Recycling, controlling your thermostat and turning off lights when you are not at home are simple things you can do to help the environment while saving you money.

But when you work a full time job, you are not home for the majority of your day. Turning your lights off at home and turning your air down while you are gone are still environmentally conscious and money saving actions.

But do you practice those same actions at the office? Your co-workers and executives should also be aware and participate in acts that are helpful to the environment. When a company makes an effort to cut down on its carbon footprint, it has a bigger impact that many individuals may think.

Small acts make for big changes in many different senses. Creating positive change in your office setting can set off a chain reaction that ripples farther than you could ever imagine.


Today, “going green” is an everyday term. Almost everyone is a part of the movement in some small way whether we realize it or not. Car manufacturers are building vehicles with cleaner exhausts, putting out less harmful emissions. Grocery stores are using recycled materials in their plastic and paper grocery bags. Additionally, many of the light bulbs in our homes and the stores we frequent are Energy Star certified, meaning they use less energy and last longer.

In the past, our planet’s future was not a concern. We just thought it and its resources would last forever. Today we know otherwise; our planet is being polluted and broken down more and more each day because of what we have done to it.

While some of the impact of humans cannot be reversed, we are making a conscious effort to restore and maintain our planet. In our homes, going green is done almost without a second thought. However, in our offices, it seems to take a back seat. Saving energy in our offices not only benefits our planet, but it can also save our companies money.


  1. Turn off the lights

One simple way to save energy and money in our offices is by simply flipping a switch. Turning off the lights when not in use can save energy in ways you may not have thought of. While not having the lights on is an obvious way you are saving energy, another way is due to the heat light bulbs put out.

When lights are on, they create heat and when enough of the heat is produced, you feel the effects of it. This is when air conditioners are turned up to counteract the heat from the bulbs. Turning off your lights also makes the light bulbs last longer, saving your company money and creating less waste.

  1. Put your computer to sleep

When your lights are turned out, many times your computers are left off. This is one of the biggest ways that offices waste energy each year. Leaving computers on may be more convenient for you and your employees, but it is not helping anyone. General wear and tear on computers are accelerated if they do not have an opportunity to rest and cool off, so leaving them on 24/7 is never a good idea.


Leaving computers on also wastes energy as they are on but not in use, which costs your company money. During the day when your computers are on, screen savers are nothing but energy hogs. While they may look pretty, they require full power to your computer’s monitor. Allowing your computer to go to “sleep mode” can reduce the energy used while still having your computer power on quickly whenever necessary.

  1. Temperature control

Another way to save energy in your office is by checking your vents, doors and windows. Replacing your air filter, adding new weather stripping around doors and windows, and keeping your vents dust free and unclogged can slash your energy bill by ten percent. Once your vents and filter is clean and ready for use, it is important that your thermostat is kept at a consistent temperature.

While not everyone is comfortable at the same temperature, finding an average temperature that will keep your office cool in the summer and warm in the winter is the end goal. Your employees are always able to take off a jacket or add a jacket, but adjusting the thermostat to each individual preference is never going to work. Be sure to keep bottled water in the refrigerator during the summer and hot coffee or tea available during the winter.

Simple changes can make a big difference for your company in regards to saving energy. A little bit of effort goes a long way and changes made in office are often taken home with your employees. Going green does not have to happen overnight, but making an effort should.

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