3 Ways to Reduce Stress on Business Trips

Undue stress can take the joy out of traveling and make business trips that much more difficult to endure. Unexpected setbacks and delays can be frustrating when you’re on a tight schedule and have deadlines to meet. The following tips can be helpful in reducing stress on business trips and making for a more pleasant business travel experience.

Plan in Advance

Reduce the stress of business travel by preparing for your trip in advance. This includes taking care of last minute details in your office, making a checklist of personal and business items required for your trip and booking the right hotel and transportation services at your destination. Advanced planning can make a big difference in the success of your business endeavor.

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Make a Practical Itinerary

You’ll enjoy a smoother business trip if you create a realistic itinerary that doesn’t put you under unnecessary stress and pressure. This includes booking a flight that gives you ample time to prepare for business upon arrival. Flying nonstop, when possible, eliminates the stress of traveling through busy airports during peak season to make connecting flights on time.

Even though business is the main purpose of your travels, it’s worthwhile to schedule a little “down time” in your agenda. Booking a hotel with a pool or gym makes it easier to get in some exercise in between business meetings. Even a pleasant walk around a park or a brief sightseeing tour of the city can help alleviate stress and help you maintain a better balance in your exercise regimen. Sticking to your regular exercise, dietary and sleep routines on the road, as much as possible, can help offset any stress and pressure you may experience during your business travels.

Keep an Accurate Account of Business Expenses

When going on frequent or extended business trips, it’s important to monitor your spending in order to stay within your firm’s expense policy. By keeping tabs on your expenditures, you minimize the risk of accruing out of pocket expenses. You should plan for major expenses such as hotel and transportation in advance. You can also organize your daily schedule to ensure you’re getting healthy meals throughout the day without having to frequent the most costly restaurants in town. Consolidate receipts for business expenditures and keep in a safe place where you can easily find them upon returning to your office. This makes it easier for you to prepare a business expenditure report once the trip is done.