6 Tips to Be a Good Manager

be a good manager

The effort that goes into being a good manager is worth it. Ultimately, you end up with a team that is 100 percent dedicated to the company and you. Soon, productivity improves, which in turn boosts sales and company profit.

Good Management Tips

  1. Motivate—As a manager, one of your goals is to maintain an organization of great employees. To accomplish that, you need to motivate the people working for you. Values are what make people tick, so if you respect your team’s value, everyone will go above and beyond to surpass your expectations. To be a good motivator, take time to ask members of your team what they like and dislike about their job. Then, based on the information received, take appropriate action.
  1. Feeling Good—Another tip for being a good manager is that you need to make your employees feel good. For this, identify the strengths in each employee and then acknowledge those strengths. For instance, if a third party shares information about an employee who did something great, make sure you approach that individual and acknowledge the positive act. As a good manager, you need to applaud employees both publically and privately for good deeds.
  1. Show Appreciation—To show appreciation, you can simply let an employee know that you are aware of a certain situation, or go a step further by hosting a team luncheon, having a team-building event, or perhaps going all out by hiring a Raleigh limo company for a special dinner. Showing appreciation ensures a positive reaction from every member of your team.
  1. Promise Less and Deliver More—Unfortunately, in trying to be a good manager it is easy to get carried away with promises. However, to keep your team motivated and optimistic, promise less and deliver more.
  1. Lead by Example—Your actions are what other people will mimic. Therefore, if you lead your team by example, you can be certain they will follow. If you stay positive, take swift but appropriate action, maintain a fair attitude, and do what you promise, your team will do the same.
  1. Goal-Oriented Feedback—When giving feedback to one or more of your team members, make sure it is goal oriented. As a good manager, make communication and feedback part of daily operations. With goal-oriented feedback, your employees will feel more comfortable in opening up, which also makes them more receptive to constructive criticism.


Going the Extra Mile

If you want to excel as a manager, sometimes you have to go the extra mile. As mentioned, something like hiring a Raleigh limousine company to take the team to a fine dinner, concert, or sporting event is what it takes to boost morale.