Ecostyle Says: How are Limousines “Stretched”?

When you hear the term “Stretch Limousine” it conveys a certain image. Most people visualize a long vehicle that can hold a half dozen, a dozen or even more passengers. They imagine a car that is “stretched” into a larger vehicle. Of course it doesn’t take much to realize that lengthening a vehicle by “stretching” it is impossible.

How a car is converted into a limousine may actually be simpler than many people realize. It starts by choosing a vehicle that would be appropriate to be extended. Today, that includes a wide choice of luxury sedans, SUVs or other specialty vehicles. Coachbuilder companies always starts out with a new Lincoln or Cadillac Coachbuilder Heavy Duty Package for the Lincoln or Cadillac stretch limousines. It is what the coachbuilder does with this heavy-duty vehicle that is most impressive.

Vehicle Dissection and Construction

These heavy duty vehicles are built specifically for coachbuilders and are first carefully and precisely cut into two pieces, leaving a vehicle front and rear. Vehicles are extended by building a larger section between these two original halves.

The vehicle is extended by adding an extended chassis, roofline and sidewalls. OEM materials, or those who meet OEM material standards are used to “stretch” the length of the body including body mounts, exhaust systems, and drive shafts. Of course, during this process, electronics need to be connected as well as braking, electrical, heating, cooling and ventilation systems.

The floor is of particular interest and is reinforced to be able to hold up to the extended length and weight the vehicle is anticipated to hold. Once the chassis is extended from the floor level, the roof and sidewalls are constructed. While the vehicle is being extended, particular attention is paid to maintaining the stability of the vehicle and in matching the vehicles original lines and style.


Since most stretch limousines are judged from the passengers who are traveling inside the vehicle, a great deal of attention is paid to the interior of the limousine. This includes generously padded seating, LED lighting, infotainment systems and wet bars. The vast majority of these amenities are built in while the vehicle is being stretched. This includes extensive electronics and wiring to provide for exceptional video displays and audio. Every effort is made to provide convenient controls for passengers to be able to fully enjoy the stretch limousine experience.

Limousines can be stretched a few inches to simply provide more legroom or to ten feet or more to provide an exciting group transportation experience. What all stretch limousines have in common is the fact that they are first separated into halves and then built out to create a seamless, larger, vehicle.

It is a very specialized industry and coachbuilders have their own unique attributes. Ecostyle Chauffeured Limousine chooses vehicles from select coachbuilders who provide limousines that are built structurally sound and quiet, and with the amenities our clients appreciate. When you are ready for an extraordinary transportation experience, contact Ecostyle.