How to Select the Right Type of Bus Rental

Choosing the right type of bus rental for your trip or event comes down to two main factors: how many people will need to be transported and how long will the passengers be travelling. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of comfortable and affordable bus rental options to accommodate the needs of any party and provide the best in convenient group travel solutions. Keep reading to learn more about your options and get tips for selecting the best bus rental.

Charter Bus

A typical charter bus is designed to comfortably accommodate around 50 passengers. This bus rental option is ideal for longer trips because there is plenty of space for luggage and the seats provide spacious leg and hip room. Modern buses will also come equipped with entertainment features such as DVD players to help pass the time. Whether you need to transport a sports team or a corporate team, a charter bus may be the best option for larger groups.


This smaller version of a bus can still transport around 30 passengers and is perfect for shorter distances. If you need to help people travel between a hotel and conference site or other locations within the same city, a minibus can help get the job done.

Luxury Bus

If you want to offer a practical transportation solution while also helping to make an event even more special, consider treating your guests to a luxury bus. Depending on the model, these buses can come with mini-bars, reclining chairs, tables and TVs. You can splurge a little and treat your wedding party or impress potential clients with the ultimate in luxury buses.

Shuttle Bus

Need to help guests to and from the airport or from their hotel to the main venue? A shuttle bus provides a practical way to transport up to 15 passengers and take the cost and hassle out of paying for cabs or ride share cars. It is an easy and affordable way to quickly shuttle small groups between sites and is especially useful if people will be coming and going at different times throughout the day.

No matter how many people you need to transport or how far you will be travelling, there is a bus rental solution to fit your needs. Work with a professional rental company to find the right combination of luxury, cost, passenger capacity and other important features to help ensure your event or trip runs as smoothly as possible.  

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