How to Have a Little Fun On Your Next Business Trip

Let’s face it: business trips are exhausting. You’re running from scheduled event to scheduled event, networking, meeting with fellow employees and higher-ups…the list goes on. And while it’s important to remain professional on such trips, there’s no reason why you can’t have a little fun during your downtime. Let’s look at a few ways to have a better time on business trips, shall we?

Explore Historic Areas

Have an hour or two to kill in between meetings or events? Why not explore a nearby historic district? Spend some time meandering through a historic downtown area, checking out a few landmarks, famous buildings, museums, or anything else that piques your interest. Enjoy soaking up local culture and learning something new.

Take Advantage of the Hotel Pool

Finished for the day and want to cool down? Take advantage of your hotel’s pool and spa, if applicable. Enjoy relaxing poolside with a cocktail, or indulging in spa-related amenities. If you love to swim, why not see what the hotel pool has to offer? You could also go for a swim in the morning before your day starts as a refreshing wake-up.

Go Shopping

Interested in picking up souvenirs for family and friends? Pop in a few local shops–ask the hotel concierge for recommendations, if needed. Always go local–after all, why purchase something you can find anywhere? Bring back items that reflect where you’ve been and delight loved ones.

Watch a Movie

Too tired to do much of anything after a long day of meetings or other events? Treat yourself to a night in and watch a movie in your hotel room. Order room service, get comfortable, and watch a new favorite or a movie you’ve been wanting to check out. Comedies are always a good choice, as laughter is a fantastic stress-reliever.

Explore Local Waterways

Does where you are feature a famous river or lake? Take some time and enjoy natural beauty. Water always helps calm and soothe the soul, something that’s often necessary on hectic business trips.

These are just some of ideas for how to add fun to your next business trip. Feel free to get creative, and as long as your fun doesn’t interfere with your work in any way, you’re golden!

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