Must-Follow Marketing Blogs for Business Growth in 2017

If you are a business executive, you are probably holding a meeting with your team right now to brainstorm ways to boost your business growth in 2017.

There is no brainstorming without some research so how about some expert that can share with you a few tips and tricks? You are probably tempted to say, that yes, experts are everywhere online and you can’t trust everything you read. This is where we stop you because we happen to know a few blogs that can help to stay up to date with this research.

We give you Must-Follow Marketing Blogs for Business Growth in 2017:


An expert in social media, a very insightful blog that helps you understand new trends. What makes it so great is that they use an easy to consume language accessible to everyone that want to get a deeper understanding of the market


Marketing, analytics and some insightful how-tos. All, smartly categorized that it’s easier for you to choose what to read.


Autopilot offers an intelligent marketing automation tool that allows businesses to upgrade the prospect journey of their audience.

A smart blog that keeps you informed, in trend and will add value to your knowledge.

Marketing Land

The evolution of the digital marketing and its relationship with the technology. Insights, facts, studies that could make anyone understand the constantly evolving market.

Duct Tape Marketing

E books, webinars to podcasts, this blog, has valuable content for everyone interested in getting a customer base in a sustainable manner.


Assuming that you have taken the mobile step, you need to follow this,

A blog that shares interesting industry insights into how you can grow your app using their tools, while on a budget.


Oh, content marketing. The VIP of our digital era. A very challenging component but this blog makes it easier to connect with it, offering insightful tips, tricks, and hacks into the industry, occasionally, also shared industry insights that help you connect with your audience.

Convince & Convert

Our business is better than theirs. If you can make that work, it’s called effective marketing. This blog shares insightful bits on how a business can leverage the power of inbound marketing.

Marketing Profs

They are the professionals and if you can’t cope with a new industry jargon, then you need them.


Nowadays everything moves at a frightening speed. Sometimes, the only way to keep up is to keep on reading the experts. There are many marketing blogs out there, and that makes it harder distinguish to between the useful reads and the marketing weeds.

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