Why You Need To Start Traveling with A Chauffeur, Not A Driver

When it comes to your transportation, you want to have the best experience possible.  To get this experience, you want to start traveling with a chauffeur and not a driver.  There is a marked difference between a driver and a chauffeur.  The main difference you will notice is the experience.  Let’s examine the difference.


The first part of examining any difference is to look at the definition from a dictionary.  This will help to start realizing the difference.  Here are the definitions for driver and chauffeur.

Driver (Oxford Dictionary)

A person who drives a vehicle.

Chauffeur (Dictionary.com)

A person employed to drive a car or limousine that transports paying passengers.

Pretty much, no matter what dictionary you use you will find a definition relatively similar to these.  There isn’t much variation.

The Difference

What you can notice in the fine wording of the definition of a driver is that they are just anyone who drives a vehicle.  That means that they don’t have to have any kind of standards, training, or even necessarily be employed specifically to do that.  You would fall under the category of a driver if you were to be driving.  Even a professional driver would not have any service related training, they wouldn’t even necessarily have to provide those services.

A chauffeur is someone who is actually in the service of transporting other people.  They have a service-oriented mindset and have the training to back it.  On top of that, they are a professional driver.  So a chauffeur is actually a combination of a professional driver and a service person.  Their company holds them accountable for what they do and how they act.  A chauffeur also has their roots in history.

A chauffeur is also a time-honored position.  They started out as more than just a driver.  They were originally a stoker which stoked the traditional steam engines on ships.  The French then transferred the word to those that drove their horseless carriages.  Steamboats were known for having some of the most prestigious staff.

When you have a chauffeur transporting you there is a higher level of experience expected.  The door will be opened for you, they will use yes sir, yes ma’am.  The chauffeur will take and store your luggage.  Most times a chauffeur will also drive a fancier car than a driver.  Sometimes a chauffeur will drive your car, though when requested.

Chauffeurs who transport people also dress the part.  While it might seem small, it makes a difference that is memorable.  A driver will wear whatever they want to work while the other will dress in clothes that are stylish and fancy at the same time.  At the same time as being fancy, though, a chauffeur will always do their best to never outshine their client.

In today’s world, it is so hard to find a truly experiential transportation experience.  A driver simply doesn’t have the kind of formal customer service experience.  Since they started servicing people chauffeurs have been known to provide great experiences for their drivers.  They are a powerful breed of people who transport you to and fro with service, compassion, and expert driving skills.  All the things that you would expect from a driver but not get.

Those who feel big and end up being big in the world use chauffeurs.  Because of this, many people have started to believe that you can’t take a chauffeur if you aren’t part of the elite.  This is simply not true.  The truth is that chauffeurs are more affordable than you thought.  They are also for anyone who wants to enjoy experiential travel.  With that they not only enjoy their experience, they truly feel more confident and strong.

Truly having an experience is what you are meant to go through life doing.  If you don’t get experiences, you don’t truly get to enjoy life.  Travel today with a chauffeur to get what you deserve in life.  Let us know how using a private transportation company and chauffeur have changed your riding experience in the comments down below.