Top 4 Places to Host a Business Dinner in Raleigh

As one of the most up-and-coming mid-size cities in the country, Raleigh is developing into a promising business hub in the southeast region. While its commercial area is growing, Raleigh remains an excellent driving city, with its modernized yet delightful skyline and exquisite landscape.

As the commercial aspect of Raleigh evolves, so do related industries but any good businessperson knows that even a city with the best selection of hotels and executive car services will mean nothing to growing businesses unless the city has its fair share of quality restaurants.

Fortunately for Raleigh businesses, this beautiful Carolina city has a wonderful collection of dining spots for those important business dinners. Once you choose a dining location, make sure to take advantage a world class chauffeured transportation company to impress your guests. Nothing pairs better with a business dinner than a comfortable and luxurious ride to the restaurant, especially when you’re in the charming Raleigh area.

Of course, you can’t impress your guests without an excellent dinner experience. So to help you narrow down the options, we’ve outlined what we believe to be the top 5 places to host a business dinner in Raleigh.

Bloomsbury Bistro

Located at the Five Points area in the heart of downtown Raleigh, this contemporary dinner spot is great if you’re looking for fine dining in a warm yet casual neighborhood setting. Bloomsbury Bistro features modern cuisine with a revolving menu, so you can keep returning and constantly be exposed to different options. The location makes it easily accessible your chauffeured car no matter which solution of corporate transportation you choose. Moreover, this restaurant has room for large group seating for those bigger meetings while also featuring modest pricing.

Nina’s Ristorante

Our favorite Italian spot in town, Nina’s Ristorante provides a simply delightful dining experience. With plates featuring traditional Tuscan and Sicilian flavors developed from an authentic Italian upbringing, there’s no other place in Raleigh to get Italian food quite like this. The colorful atmosphere of the restaurant will make all guests feel warm and comfortable, even while accommodating for groups of 30 or more. Nina’s Ristorante is located in North Raleigh about 10 miles from downtown, so be sure to call a reliable chauffeured transportation company to get you there.

Angus Barn

Angus Barn is one of the most renowned steakhouses in the region. Family-owned for over 50 years, Angus Barn ages its certified Angus beef in house, and additionally boasts one of the largest wine cellars in the country. The restaurant is located conveniently near Raleigh-Durham International Airport, so many businesses choose to use airport chauffeured service to make the quick trip either to or from the airport. Being a top-quality steakhouse, Angus Barn can be one of the more expensive dining options in Raleigh. However, it can also accommodate large groups. And for those grand business functions, there is a breathtakingly beautiful lakeside pavilion that can be rented out in advance.

18 Seaboard

Our final recommendation is 18 Seaboard, located in a newly renovated downtown area. This stylish and modern restaurant has a unique dining room ambiance, being converted from the former Seaboard Train Station. Taking advantage of Ecostyles chauffeured services would greatly enrich the experience since the drive to the location goes through beautiful downtown areas that are best seen from the back of a luxury vehicle. This farm-to-fork restaurant also plays a prominent role in the Raleigh community, proudly supporting local products and giving its guests the true taste of Raleigh.

Whatever your business dinner function may be, it’s important to utilize Ecostyle Chauffeured Transportation for all it has to offer. Using a world class transportation company for corporate transportation will get you to your dinner in style and allow your guests to experience the beauty of the city in the best way possible. And then, after choosing any of these four restaurant recommendations, you are certain to have all the makings of an impressive and successful evening.

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