Travel Hacks for Your Business Travel Experience

If you travel for business on a regular basis, you know how grueling and demanding your trip schedule can be. From hustling from airport to taxi, from taxi to meeting, and from meetings to business dinners, you might feel burnout setting in before you even climb into bed on the first night. Business travel, however taxing it might be, is a necessary part of our professional lives, but it certainly doesn’t have to be miserable.

If you’ve found yourself slogging through your business trips, low on energy and only a fraction as productive as you’d like to be, we’ve got a list of travel hacks to help make your trips far more bearable.

#1 Stop Renting Cars

If you’re like most road warriors, you’ve spent a fair amount waiting in line at the car rental counter. You’ll get the keys to a small, economy vehicle and spend your entire trip squinting into a GPS, struggling to navigate in an unfamiliar city. You’ll also probably have trouble finding parking, especially on the mornings when you’re running late.

Renting a car on your business trip is a stressor that you simply don’t need. An easy way to improve the overall quality of your business trip is to book a corporate car service to handle your transportation needs. Not only will you have a chauffeur on hand to handle the navigation and parking throughout your trip, but he or she will also be a local expert who can advise you on the best restaurants, hotels and hotspots to ensure that your business dinners are a success and that your downtime is enjoyable.

#2 Choose the Right Credit Cards

Many traveling business people don’t know about the multiple benefits they could be enjoying simply by choosing the right credit card. Whether you’re paying your own way and being reimbursed later or you’re using a company credit card, choosing the cards that will reward you most handsomely is a great idea for traveling business people.

#3 Learn How to Pack

A heavy and badly-packed suitcase is the bane of an executive traveler who has to move quickly through multiple airports and hotels. That’s why learning how to pack efficiently and lightly is important if you’re going to be traveling often.  Not only will your bag be lighter and easier to maneuver, finding essentials will be much more straightforward. You’ll also be able to skip the hassle of checking your bags.

Learn how to mix and match your clothing items so that you have twice as many outfits with half as many articles of clothing. Bright patterns and colors are usually the death knell of mixing and matching; stick with neutrals and dark colors that pair well together. A good pair of slacks, a skirt, and a couple of shirts should be plenty for a short trip, and you’ll need hardly any room to pack so few items of clothing.

Business travel can be a headache, but you can lessen that headache with the right pieces of advice on hand. From packing to staying energized to finding the best deals on hotels and car service, your business travel life can be enjoyable and productive if you have the right travel hacks committed to memory.


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