These Travel Mistakes Drive Your Boss Crazy

Using our Raleigh car service guarantees your boss will begin his or her travel plans on a good note. Our company strives to provide luxury service to our customers, and that’s good not only for our business but for yours as well. The role of an assistant or employee in charge of travel within the company is a challenging role. Planning a trip, vacation, or business travel can be fun and exciting, but only if you’re able to ensure your boss is comfortable and well-cared for. We can’t ensure the hotel you chose is the best, or keep your boss’ glass filled at dinner functions, but we can ensure he or she is able to get to and from the airport in Raleigh and around the city on time and in a luxury vehicle driven by an experienced, professional chauffeur who knows the importance of customer service and a friendly smile. As for everything else, we can offer advice on mistakes not to make if you want to avoid driving your boss crazy during travel.



We don’t know your boss personally, but we do know hiring a limo in Raleigh means paying close attention to arrival and departure times. Your boss is efficient and wants to get where he or she is going as soon as possible. Booking flights with layovers makes that difficult, and it increases the chance of a missed flight, late take-off, or weather delay. If you can avoid sending your boss on a flight with a layover in another city, we encourage you do just that.


Long Wait Periods

Your boss is out of town for a reason, and waiting isn’t one of those reasons. Make sure your boss’ itinerary doesn’t allot for ample wait time. Keep schedules tight, but allow for enough time to get ready, to get to and from events, and to relax a bit. You know how your boss prefers things, so keep that in mind when creating a schedule on this trip.


Inefficient Hotels

Booking a five-star hotel almost guarantees your boss will enjoy this trip, but it doesn’t always. We’ve learned that the best thing you can do is call ahead and ask about anything going on at the hotel. Is there a conference going on that might make for long lines at the elevator, restaurants, or valet? Is there a restaurant closed for refurbishment, or a pool being reconstructed? Hotels want to keep guests happy, but they do have work to do from time to time. Be sure your boss is staying somewhere convenient, functional, and enjoyable.


Forgetting Personal Favorites

Some people love to sit in the aisle, and some prefer the window seat on a flight. Others love to sit in the front row, and many people prefer to sit in the back where they have a better chance of sitting alone. Some prefer a specific airline, a specific type of robe in a hotel room, and a specific color limo. Know your boss, and don’t forget these important details when you’re booking his or her travel.


Not Utilizing the Easiest Option

Technology makes life so much simpler anymore, and your boss is going to love simple travel. Forgo the airline that doesn’t come with an app you can download boarding passes to. Your boss doesn’t want to stand in line at the airport for a boarding pass, and he or she doesn’t want to search for a business center so they can print one at the hotel. Utilize technology and all it has to offer in terms of easy travel, and your boss will appreciate it.


Travel planning is fun and exciting, and it’s more successful when you do it well. Our company offers customers a stellar service and luxury every day, which makes travel planning simple. Knowing you can trust companies with which to build a working relationship makes everything more convenient.