What to Do If You Lose Your Passport

Currently, you need a passport to travel overseas. However, by sometime later this year, a passport will be required by some states when traveling domestically. In certain states, state-issued identification will no longer suffice for domestic flights. Therefore, it is important to understand the necessary steps to take if you lose your passport within and outside of the United States.


Losing Your Passport Within the States


Start by retracing your steps by checking coat pockets, luggage, purses, and so on. If you used the services of a Raleigh limo company, contact them as well. If nothing surfaces, you need to report your passport lost or stolen to the State Department. If you find your passport after reporting it lost, it cannot be used.


For a new passport, forms DS-11 and DS-64 must be filled out and submitted. You can obtain these documents by visiting a passport acceptance facility. While there, provide proof of identity using a state- or government-issued photo ID. After signing the application forms in person, you will pay the $100 application fee. For an additional $60, the process can be expedited, and to receive the replacement passport via overnight courier, you can pay an additional nominal fee.


Losing Your Passport While Abroad


If your passport is lost or stolen while you’re in another country, a replacement is required before you can return to the US. In this case, contact the nearest US consulate or embassy, asking to speak to the Consular Section. If your departure flight is coming up soon, be sure the consular staff knows. If you were the victim of a crime resulting in your passport being stolen, the staff needs to know that as well.


For a passport replacement, a new photo is required before going to the Consular Section. With the new photo in hand, visit the consulate or embassy to fill out an application for obtaining a new passport. In addition, you must make out a statement as to what happened.


You will also need to bring some form of photo ID, your travel itinerary such as a train or airline ticket, and proof of US citizenship. After providing all the documents, including the application and statement, you will pay the replacement fee that usually runs about $140. From there, you simply wait.


Now, if you have immediate travel plans back to the US, you will be issued an emergency passport in about 24 hours. While this passport will get you home, you cannot travel out of the country again until you receive your full-validity passport.


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